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Why Putting Off Early Treatment or Phase I Treatment of Misaligned Teeth is a Bad Idea

Why Putting Off Early Treatment or Phase I Treatment of Misaligned Teeth is a Bad Idea
Posted on 08/27/2021

Misaligned teeth don’t always mess up a beautiful smile; some malocclusions can be more subtle, hidden behind other teeth, or they can even be endearing to some people. But even if your misaligned teeth don’t keep you from smiling, they can cause a lot of problems later on in life, which can be both expensive and painful to fix. Here at Stormberg Orthodontics, your local La Mesa orthodontics experts, we believe that everyone is entitled not only to a beautiful smile but a healthy and long-lasting smile as well. Find out why you should treat your child’s misaligned teeth early and avoid the consequences that come from a neglected smile! The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends a first check-up by the age of 7. At Stormberg Orthodontics, we offer a complimentary examination to evaluate what personal treatment your child may or may not need. Most patients are under a “wait and see” recall until all the permanent teeth have erupted.

An Off Bite Is Never Right

When it comes to misaligned teeth, a slight underbite or minor crowding can seem like just a subtle feature of someone’s smile, but even if it is not noticeable, orthodontic misalignments can have dangerous repercussions down the line. Some orthopedic (bone/growth problems) need to be treated while the patient is still growing. Early treatment, or Phase I, can encompass working with your dentist to remove baby teeth at the appropriate time to allow room for permanent teeth to erupt. Other treatments may consist of correcting habits causing malocclusions such as thumb/finger sucking or tongue thrust that could have an overall effect on jaw growth. These and other treatments are more easily corrected at a younger, growing stage of your child’s life. If left until all growth is completed, some cases develop into surgical cases to correct. If you or your child have misaligned teeth, make sure you talk to a La Mesa orthodontics specialist as soon as possible to find out if the problem can be nipped in the bud.

Crooked Teeth Are Harder To Clean

Whether your child has overlapping teeth, crowded teeth, or a misaligned bite, there is much more at stake than just the appearance of their teeth. Besides the structural damage that misalignments can do to the jaw, there is also the threat of tooth decay, gingivitis, and chipping or breaking teeth. The overlaps and crevasses formed by misaligned teeth can make it much more difficult or impossible to fully clean your teeth. These problem spots can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, and a whole host of other problems that are much harder to address. If caught early, your La Mesa adult braces provider can get those teeth straightened out and prevent the oral hygiene problems that come from a crooked smile.

Schedule A Visit With Your La Mesa Orthodontics Provider!

If you are wondering how to treat your child’s misaligned teeth, or if your child has hidden misalignments that should be addressed, the best thing you can do is visit your local La Mesa adult braces provider. Upon your first visit to Stormberg Orthodontics, we will evaluate your teeth and talk to you about your bite, how you want your teeth to look, and any problems we foresee down the line. Once you choose a treatment plan from our array of orthodontic options, including braces, Invisalign, and more, then you will be on your way to a straight, healthy, beautiful smile! Contact Stormberg Orthodontics today to learn more about what we can do for your teeth or to schedule an appointment!

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