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Online Braces: How Reliable Are They?

Online Braces: How Reliable Are They?
Posted on 04/13/2018

Why Cheap Orthodontics Could End Up Costing You More 

Online braces, also referred to as “at-home” orthodontics, are a new solution for those that want a straighter smile without the having to deal with the cost of traditional orthodontic care. However, as this new treatment grows in popularity, the threat that it poses to the health of the patients who sign up for this treatment grows as well. While online braces programs will have you believe that you’re getting the same quality of orthodontic care as you would with a professional orthodontist, it is actually far from the truth. That’s why your local orthodontic experts here at Stormberg Orthodontics are here to examine what the real cost of online braces programs are. 

How Does At-Home Orthodontics Work?

When you sign up for an online braces program, you’ll be sent an impression kit which contains all of the tools that you need to take impressions of your teeth, from special dental putty to a pair of dental trays. Once you take the impressions, you mail them back out to the provider so that your aligners can be made. You’ll receive a limited amount of  aligners in the mail at different intervals, with each package typically containing one to a few sets, each of which will be worn for two or more weeks. This cycle continues until you have completed the final set of aligners.

The Many Downsides Of Online Braces

The process for online braces is very simple, but while this is marketed as a positive thing, it’s actually what causes the most issues with these programs. When you go for a cheap and convenient solution, you’re often making a sacrifice in other places, and for this case it’s quality. Here are some of the main issues that patients experience when they sign up for online braces:

  • The Imperfect Fit - While not having to go into an orthodontist for an impression may sound more convenient, the act of taking those impressions yourself just causes more problems. The likelihood is that this is the first time you’re ever taking your own dental impression, which dramatically increases the chance of you making a mistake or taking an imperfect impression. This can lead to the creation of aligners that do not fit comfortably, and will cause you pain and discomfort for the length of your treatment. 

  • No Professional Care - Whether it’s taking your impressions, answering your questions, or being able to fix problems with appliances quickly and effectively, a professional orthodontist is there to help you and has the training and expertise to handle anything that comes their way. This is because they’ve gone to school and trained for years to reach the point where they can offer you their care.  With online braces programs, if you run into any kind of an issue, you’re very much on your own, fending for yourself and hoping your teeth still come out looking okay.  

  • Untreated Bite Problems - One of the biggest issues with at-home orthodontics is that it does not treat problems with the jaw. Misaligned teeth can often be linked to a misaligned or deformed jaw bone, which should be fixed before the teeth are straightened with braces or aligners. If these jaw problems are not treated like they are with online braces, patients could suffer serious discomfort or more severe bite problems in the future. 

Contact Us For Reliable, Professional Care

When it comes to online braces, patients may not pay a lot of money up front, but they end up paying more in the long run, whether it’s deteriorating oral health or more expensive orthodontic care. Instead of taking a gamble with your smile, choose a solution that you can trust will produce great results every time, with an office that is full of state-of-the-art orthodontic equipment and a team that has years of experience in creating healthy, radiant smiles; choose Stormberg Orthodontics. If you have any questions about the dangers of online braces programs, orthodontic treatment, or how to get started on the path to your perfect smile, contact us to speak with a member of our staff and schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing you with the quality orthodontic care that our practice is known for among the families of La Mesa, El Cajon, and the surrounding communities. See you in our office soon! 

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