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5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery After Jaw Surgery

5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery After Jaw Surgery
Posted on 10/08/2021

Jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) sounds like a lot to recover from and it can be if you don’t let your jaw heal correctly. Here at Stormberg Orthodontics, your local La Mesa Orthodontist, we prioritize taking care of our patients before, during, and after their jaw surgery, which is why we are so invested in helping our patients heal quickly and completely. While other jaw surgeons might whisk you in and out the door, Dr. Kurt Stormberg makes it his mission to guide his patients through the jaw surgery journey, helping them to have a pain-free and holistic recovery process. If you live in La Mesa, San Diego, East County, or South Bay, find out how you can ensure a speedy recovery after getting jaw surgery with Stormberg Orthodontics!

What You Can Do

While Dr. Kurt Stormberg has decades of experience providing high-quality orthodontic and surgical care as a La Mesa Orthodontist after you leave his office your choices play a big role in your own recovery. Here are some of the things you can do so that you can heal quickly and start enjoying your new smile:

Drink Your Meals

  • It sounds funny, but drinking your meals is one of the best ways to speed up your recovery process. Whether that means having protein shakes with fresh, frozen or canned fruits/vegetables for most meals, or switching it up to soups, bisques, baby food, and purees, you can rapidly increase your recovery time by consuming exclusively the above mentioned foods. Be creative, use your spices (salt, pepper, garlic/onion powders,etc), extracts (vanilla, almond, etc.) and extra flavorings (peanut butter, chocolate syrup, applesauce, bananas) that make shakes tasty for you. Protein is an essential repairing nutrient and hunger-reducer during this time.

There’s No Need To Suffer

  • Taking your pain medication can help you reduce inflammation and even aid the healing process. Have a friend/family member be around the first few days to help cook/clean and monitor your recovery. Being comfortable, well fed/ hydrated and you caring for your personal needs is critical to a great recovery. Use a number of ice bags (small vegetables in freezer bags or small chunks of ice in a bag) to soothe painful parts of the jaw and keep bruising/swelling to a minimum. Arnica Montana is a topical lotion that can be applied immediately after surgery to help reduce bruising. This can be found at Sprouts/ Whole Foods, etc. Do not put on any surgical sites or internally.
  • After a couple of weeks, the stabilizing rubber bands will be larger and you will be able to open wider. Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, ground beef/turkey/chicken, yogurts, baked or stir fried vegetables, soft fruits and soft foods will be encouraged.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

  • Your limited diet and medication may cause some digestive issues, but consuming lots of water will help your digestive system keep moving. Pain medications can slow your digestion, water, water, water and stool softeners may be needed. Water will also help your lips from becoming chapped from keeping your mouth open!

Look After Your Lips

  • If your jaw surgery recovery process involves you keeping your mouth open, water and a lip balm of your choice, will help. Apply before and after surgery, as needed.

Come See Your Local La Mesa Orthodontist

If you are wondering where to find a high-quality jaw surgeon in La Mesa, San Diego, East County, or the South Bay, look no further. Dr. Kurt Stormberg and his team specialize in safe and effective jaw surgery tailored to your oral health needs. Find out how you can change your life and finally get rid of jaw pain at your La Mesa orthodontist! Contact Stormberg Orthodontics today to learn how to speed up your jaw surgery recovery or to book an appointment!

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