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Final Words

Final Words - Graduation 


Final Words About Retainers 

We do not advise you to discard your retainers. Rather, you should wear them as a “Guarantee” to hold the orthodontic correction. 

As You Get Older

Normal aging and changes occur in the human body; and in the mouth, these changes show up as gum recession, increased crowding and rotations of teeth (top and/or bottom). Whether or not you have had extractions, these normal changes, in time, can occur. These changes vary in severity and age of onset, although for most people they occur between their teens and their 30’s. 

Five Years From Now 

After 5 years of nighttime wear, we suggest you wear the retainers every other night or a minimum of three nights per week indefinitely. You most definitely can continue to wear the retainer nightly, which is a good habit to continue. If the retainers do not feel tight, it means that the teeth are holding their position, and therefore, the retainers do not need to be worn as often. Conversely, when the retainers feel tight, it means the teeth want to undergo these natural crowding tendencies - then the retainers should be worn more. By wearing the retainers nightly or a minimum of three times a week, you know some of the warning signs of relapse. You are always welcome to call our office for advice or make an appointment to review your concerns. 

Bonded Lower Wire 

If you have a bonded lower wire retainer, it can be left in place indefinitely, provided your dentist checks it along with your regular recall/cleaning visits. They do require more effort in cleaning on a daily basis and the bonding material does not last a lifetime. 

Future Issues

If you have future problems, we would be glad to make necessary repairs. Your financial agreement covers your orthodontic treatment and up to 9 months of retainer supervision. Any future appointments would incur an office fee to be quoted when you make your appointment, as well as, charges for repair or replacement of the retainers. If you should need any further assistance, please contact our office, we will be here to help.  

Final Word About Wisdom Teeth 

Wisdom teeth should be reassessed by your general dentist on an annual basis. 

We Have Reached Success Together!

final words

No further orthodontic visits will be scheduled. Thank you for letting us provide your orthodontic care. You are a Stormberg Graduate and it is our pleasure working with patients like you who have done the work with us along this journey and achieved success. 

Contact Your San Diego Orthodontist With Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your orthodontic treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our La Mesa orthodontist office at 619-462-4462. Providing all of our San Diego patients including the El Cajon area with the most comfortable and effective orthodontic care is our number one priority. We’re here to help!

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