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Brushing & Flossing

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Why Us?
If you value excellence and quality patient care, Dr. Kurt Stormberg is the dental professional you desperately need. Whether you reside in San Diego, East County, South Bay, or La Mesa, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to custom-tailor a treatment plan for your needs. Moreover, we give you a tried-and-true plan of attack to change your oral health for the better.

During their first consultation, patients often ask for the most effective way to keep their teeth healthy and vibrant for years to come. Although opinions vary between La Mesa orthodontist specialists, at Stormberg Orthodontics, we believe in foundational habits practiced daily to create positive outcomes. More specifically, here's why brushing and flossing are critical for a beautiful smile.

Brushing: The Hidden Health Booster

Since our youth, we've been bombarded with facts about brushing our teeth. Visions of removing plaque, and lowering our risk for cavities and periodontal disease enter our minds, but what subtle benefits arise from a healthy oral routine?

For starters, brushing specifically in circular motions, between braces, at upper and lower angles targets the gums and lowers your risk for heart disease and cardiovascular decline. Bacterial growth stagnates on the gums and enters the bloodstream and into your arteries.

Flossing: The Holy Grail of Tooth Health

Brushing is great, but flossing is even better! Unfortunately, new data shows that most adults skip the act of flossing because they find it tedious.

Flossing not only reduces bad breath and decay, but it also prevents bacterial accumulations from penetrating your gums and damaging the bone in your jaw. To get started, follow these steps:
  • Pull 12 to 18 inches of floss from your container.
  • Gently wrap the string around both index fingers.
  • Slowly rub the floss between each tooth, removing hard-to-reach food and buildup.
  • Don't forget your rear teeth, start at the back and move forward.
  • If your braces are getting in the way, consider our Platypus orthodontic flosser or floss threaders.
  • Be sure to have regular (every 3-6 months) cleanings and check-ups with your general dentist as discussed at your initial consultation.
  • Be sure to brush and rinse any removable appliances as well as your teeth, tongue and palate (roof of your mouth). A partial or retainer cleaner can be used weekly to freshen up the removable appliance.  Do not use a denture cleaner, it can be harsh/damage any metal pieces of your appliance.

Friendly reminder: Small traces of bleeding and discomfort are normal if you've neglected to floss for days or weeks and easily reversible by flossing more regularly. However, if excess bleeding and pain occur, contact our offices and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kurt Stormberg or your general dentist.

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Dr. Kurt Stormberg is a La Mesa orthodontist who goes above and beyond his duty to help clients achieve impressive results. From braces to surgical interventions, the team at Stormberg is ready to treat your ailments and provide a solution to your woes. Are you tired of hiding your smile in pictures and public gatherings? Reach out today and live life on your terms, free from oral detriment.


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