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Parts of Braces

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Braces are made up of several important components that allow Dr. Stormberg to create beautiful smiles. After you get your braces on, our team will carefully size, place and adjust these parts. If you are considering braces and are here to learn more about what to expect, please feel free to call our office, and we will be happy to answer any questions. We are located in La Mesa, but serve the surrounding areas of El Cajon, Santee and more, so visit us today!


These are metal rings designed to fit around the molars and, in some cases, the premolars. Each band is precisely sized and then sealed to the tooth with dental cement. This is a special adhesive formulated with fluoride to prevent decalcification during the treatment process.


Most brackets are made of stainless steel or a ceramic material, and they serve to hold the archwire in place against the teeth. Each bracket is attached to a tooth either directly or onto a separate band.


These are the primary wires responsible for applying the pressure that moves teeth in a designated direction. Archwire is shaped to fit around the arch of each tooth where it connects into the slots on the bracket.


Each tooth is also fitted with a small rubber band that further secures the archwire to the bracket. Elastics come in a wide variety of color choices to provide a more personalized treatment.


A small hook is also incorporated into the bracket piece as an attachment for the elastic ring.

Coil Spring

A coil spring is placed over the archwire in between two brackets. It is designed to manage spacing according to the designated treatment program.

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