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Kurt Stormberg Scholarships

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2022 Scholarship Winners

Once again, we are so proud to acknowledge and congratulate our finest High School Seniors!  Dr. Stormberg presented the following recipients $1000 Kurt Stormberg Scholarships:

Mariam Marooki (Valhalla)
Scholarship winner Mariam Marooki 2022

Sara Standlee (Grossmont),
"Thank you for the Stormberg Orthodontics Scholarship!  I'm grateful to be a recipient and can't wait to head to college this fall.  Thank you for giving me a great smile and for supporting my sports teams these past four years."

Reyna Winter (Patrick Henry)

Ethan Trantalis (West Hills)

Owen Dahlkamp (Helix),
  "I was recently informed that I was named a recipient of the Stormberg Scholarship.  I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you for this honor and for the funds."

Maia Hull (Helix) & Owen Dahlkamp (Helix)
Scholarship winner 2022 Maia Hull and Owen Dahlkamp

Isabella McCormick (Cathedral)- 
"College preparations and high school graduation got in the way of being able to send you this card.  Thank you so much for the generous scholarship that I was awarded this year.  With this scholarship, I was able to purchase my laptop that I will put to good use for the next four years at Stanford.
Ever since I first visited you, when I was younger, I noticed the awards you would give out every year.  It was a goal of mine to someday have the chance to  apply to that same scholarship.  It was a true honor to be a recepeint and I promise to work hard and make all of you proud!
Thank you so much for my "great smile" and for your support.  Love Isabella"

Scholarship winner Isabella McCormack 2022

Honorable Mentioned:
Mary Allen (Francis Parker), Tatyana Ali (Grossmont Middle College),
Breanna Cabusao (Valhalla), Christian Dallo (Valhalla),
Karen Jean Dumitru (California Virtual Academy), Elle Fishwick (Valhalla),
Ben Foster (Santana), Payton Gardenhire (Helix), Andrew Gerboth (Patrick Henry), Jordan Giusti (Patrick Henry), Elisabeth Gray (Foothills),
Allyson Haessly (Steele Canyon), Analise Hess (Cambridge), Jackson Lai (Valhalla), Tommy Logan (Valhalla), Alison Murphy (Grossmont),
Theodore Pierce (St. Augustine), Caitlyn Potts (Grossmont),
Marley Sandoval (High Tech CV), Noah Walters (River Valley),
Mason Wilson (High Tech CV)


2021 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 Seniors! We proudly present the following recipients of the Kurt Stormberg Scholarship:


Nyah Clovis (Serra High)
Nyah Clovis Stormberg Scholarship Winner

Liberty Ramos (Christian)
" Thank you so much, Stormberg Orthodontics, for not only my smile, but his amazing scholarship!  I am now one step closer to achieving my dreams!"

George Roddy (Mater Dei)
George Roddy Stormberg Scholarship Winner
"Thank you so much for the generous scholarship.  I will be attending PLNU and the scholarship will significantly help with covering my tuition.  Thank you for believing in my abilities and for investing in my future.  Lastly, thank you for giving me an awesome smile!"

Doris Ton (Valhalla)
Doris Ton (Valhalla)

Rania Atto (Valhalla)
Rania Atto

Claire Bakke (Granite Hills)
Claire Bakke

"Thank you so much for awarding me the orthodontic scholarship!  I really appreciate it.  I'm super excited to be headed to college this year and I'm very glad to be doing so with a straight smile!  Seriously though, thank you.  It'll be really helpful to me heading into college!"

Cassidy Steveson (West Hills)
Cassidy Steveson

"I just want to say thank you so much for choosing me to represent your office with this scholarship!   I greatly appreciate it and I can't wait for my journey ahead!  Nice seeing you as well.  Thanks again"

Honorary Mentions:
Timothy Bottenbery (Liberty Charter),
Ashley Clark (Helix Charter)
"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for generously sending me the Visa giftcard.  Although I did not win the scholarship, I found it very kind that you sent me the letter.  Thank you for all your help with my smile as well as your investment in my education."
Carmen Devine (SD School of Creative & Performing Arts), Jack Gates (Valhalla), Morgan Krueger (West Hills), Zachary Lewett (Patrick Henry), Brooke Macy (Liberty Charter), Ryan Mailloux (West Hills), Jacob Mapes (Liberty Charter), Makenna Pilchen (Steele Canyon), Jenna Smith (Valhalla), Morgan Wilson (Valhalla)

2020 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations To Everyone! Here Are Our Class of 2020 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:


Sophia Guarnotta (Helix Charter)
"Thank you so much for your generous scholarship.  Chapman University has been my first choice school ever since I first visited my Spring Break, junior year.  I was so happy when I was accepted.  Thanks to the addition of your scholarship, a school that I once thought of as a dream, is now a reality.  Thank you for making it possible."

Allison Lupsha (Helix Charter)
"Thank you so much for your generosity in providing me with this scholarship and for supporting all of my sports throughout these last four years.  I'm thrilled to be moving into this next chapter of my life where I will be attending UC Davis, but I wouldn't be able to do it without help and support.  Thank you very much for choosing me to be one of your scholarship recipients this year and helping me achieve my goal.  I'm truly honored to be receiving this scholarship."

Kaitlyn Coons (OLP)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the generous college scholarship!  It is going to be an immense help at UCLA next year.  First you straighten my teeth and now you are helping to send me to college, what would I do without you?"

Gavin Schulte (Grossmont)
"Thank you, not only for selecting me for the scholarship, but also for straight teeth and a happy smile.  I can't wait for college and the adventures that lie ahead."

Nolan Lai (Valhalla)
"Thank you for awarding me the scholarship!  I shall use it to get ready for college."
Nolan Lai Scholarship Winner 2020 Kurt Stormberg

Honorable Mentions:

Tristyn Thomas (Olympian)

"Thank you very much for the $50 gift card!  I really appreciate it.  It will really come in handy when preparing my dorm at Stanford.  I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these times."

Sarah Darley (Granite Hills)
"Thank you so much for the $50 gift card. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Thank you for all that you do!  You change the self-confidence of many, including me.  Thank you again!"

 Jake Coffey (Patrick Henry)
"Thank you so much for the opportunity.  I am very grateful for your generosity.  I hope you are all healthy and safe during this time."

Shane O'Brien (Coronado)
"I wanted to take a minute to write to you to show my gratitude and thanks to you and your team for enjoying the essay that I had written, enough to still reward it.  Thank you very much, I hope that you and everyone at the office are well."

Nicole Gabrielson (Valhalla)
"Thank you so much for considering me in your selection of whom to give your scholarship & awarding me with the gift card.  Every contribution counts!"

Kiera Smeenge (Grossmont)-Thank you for the opportunity to apply for your scholarship program!  I am very grateful for the gift card.  It will come in handy when I move to UC Irvine!  Wishing you all the best!

Emma Rens (OLP),
Abigail Lanier (Helix Charter),
Kacey Logan (Kearny School of College Connections), 
Makaila Williams (Patrick Henry), 
Nadine Graham (Patrick Henry), 
Tyler Billings (University City), 
Sarah Zappelli (SD School of Creative & Performing Arts), 
Karl Hedberg (St. Augustine),
Raegen Hanks (Valhalla),
Lukas Kudar (Grossmont),
Jackson Moss (Pt. Loma),


Class of 2019 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Dylan Darley (Granite Hills)-Thank you for your contribution to help fund my college endeavors.  I will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and studing Bio
Resource and Agricultural Engineering.  My dream job is to design wasterwater treatment plants and work on major water systems in California.  Thank you for the investment into my life.

Venous Ghazi-(Helix Charter)

Benjamin Hale -(Grossomont)

Sydney M. Jones-(Granite Hills
)-Thank you so much for the extremely generous scholarship you awarded me at Senior Awards night.  I greatly appreciate this help with college expenses and the many years of superb orthodontal work I recieved at your office.  Thanks again!

Sarah Markle-(El Capitan)

Lauren Sherburne-(Christian)-
Thank you for your generous scholarship!  Your award is a big help as I head to Colorado School of Mines to pursue a Computer Science degree.  I appreciate that you wrote a personal letter for my school's awards ceremony and I am looking forward to the upcoming years.  It was a joy to write your essay about self-confidence and I learned a lot from the experience.  Thank you again!

Honorable Mention:

Savanah Baird (Grossmont), Cole Bertsche (St. Augustine), Bridget Braden (Liberty Charter), Maya Braunwarth (Helix Charter), Jizelle Cortes (Steele Canyon), Louis Cummings (Steele Canyon), Brooke Davalos (Valhalla), Sophia Grace Fleming (OLP), Drueanne Frey (Helix Charter), Ivan Garcia (Granite Hills), Jake Garmo (St. Augustine), Hailey Godby (Liberty Charter), Sophie Green (Patrick Henry), Alecca Hofmeister (Valhalla)"Thank you so much for taking the time to read my essay and for sending me a gift card, even though I did not win the scholarship.  I really appreciate your generosity and all you've done for me since I first needed braces at 8 years old!  Being your patient has been a pleasure and I wish you the best!", Jack Hopper (Helix Charter), Sydney Korovec (Serra)"Thank you so much for taking the time to read my scholarship application and for the generous gift card!  I appreciate everything that you and the staff have done for me and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to apply for your scholarship!"SK, Olivia Lickona (River Valley Charter), Griffin Maffioli (Kearny), Iliana Marrujo (Grossmont), Sarah Mejia (Christian), Sierra Roberson (La Jolla), Elena Robledo (San Diego), Ethan Rosenberg (High Tech), Samantha Scarlett (Steele Canyon) "Thank you for considering my essay for your scholarship.  I appreciate the giftcard very much and for all the hard work your team put into my teeth.  Thank you again!"SS, Erik Self (Liberty Charter), Vivian Silva (Seton), Wyatt Sorge (Steele Canyon)"Thank you very much for the gift card, even though I didn't get the scholarship.  I was glad for the opportunity that you provided me.  Thanks a whole lot.", Eleanor Spiller (OLP), Katie Stinchcomb (Steele Canyon), Sierra Streit (West Hills), Marean Wadie (El Cajon Valley).

Class of 2018 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Olivia Lewis-(OLP)-"Thank you so much for awarding me with your scholarship!  I think it's awesome I'm going to our alma mater.  I can't wait to start my jouney at Creighton.  Thank you again and go Blue Jays!"

Brandon Alba-(Grossmont)-"I'm writing to thank you for the incredibly generous scholarship and for taking the time to award it personally at my senior awards night.  It means a great deal to myself and my family and will prove to be a huge help in paying my college expenses.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity for demonstrating your value for education and for being an excellent orthodontist!"

Nicole Haven-(Grossmont)-"Thank you so much for the generous scholarship yo awarded me.  It will be a significant help in my college endeavors and my family and I are very grateful.  Thank you for allowing me to pursue my education and for giving me a great smile!"

Jack Dolak-(St. Augustine

Marian Badriyha-(Valhalla)

Ghazal Sabri-(Valhalla)

Honorable Mention:

Stephany Webb (OLP), Kelsey Way(OLP), Cameron Sisk (Valhalla),
Parker Sisk (Valhalla), Ryan Ortiz (Grossmont), Paige Telliard (Grossmont), Matthew Pearson (Grossmont), Jeffrey Kay (Grossmont),
Dylan Gray-Meisner (Waldorf), Jaize Holt (Helix Charter),
Kamdyn Shaeffer (Heritage), Robin Cho (Heritage),
Madison Necochea (Steele Canyon), Nicholas Barone (Steele Canyon),
Andraws Bebi (Granite Hills), Caroline Meyers (Patrick Henry),
Kaelia Okamura (Patrick Henry), Savannah Pride (Cathedral),
Heather Nagey (Coronado).

Class of 2017 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Rebecca Pierce - (OLP) - “I want you to know that I am so thankful to have received your scholarship.  Thank you so much for investing in my future and believing in me. It means a lot to have your support!  Thank you also for giving me a beautiful smile! Your expertise is incredible and you have impacted my life in so many ways. Thank you again for everything!"

Jullian Dawson - (Grossmont) - 
“Thank you so much for the generous scholarship!  I am honored to have received it, as I am sure there were many well-qualified applicants. Thank you also for fixing my teeth. My dentist compliments me on my bite because of you.” 

Trevor South - (St. Augustine) - 
“I am honored to be selected as one of your scholarship winners.  Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to deliver it at Saints. Your purple tie was appreciated by all the Saintsmen!”  

Kara Justeson - (Helix Charter) - 
“Thank you so much for the scholarship this year. I’m so grateful for the assistance in furthering my education and I’m very excited for everything college has to offer. Thank you again!” 

Michelle Fong - (Helix Charter)

Honorable Mention

Jerry Alesi (Santana) Tanner Bingham (El Capitan)
Myra Brown (Grossmont)

Isabella Chun (West Hills)

Ryleigh Dobyns (West Hills) - “Thank you very much for the generous $100 Visa card. I look forward to putting it towards college expenses.” 

Stephanie Domes (Valhalla) - “I can’t thank Stormberg Orthodontics enough for the gift card. It is so generous to help me prepare for college. Thank you for everything you do. I’m excited to say that I will be attending UCSD pursuing a degree in Biology.” 

Camille Eaton (Grossmont Middle College)

Joel Foster (Patrick Henry) - “Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the Stormberg Orthodontic Scholarship and taking time to read my application and essay. Although, I know I did not win the scholarship, thank you for the generous gift card.” 

Gabi Gandolfo (Steele Canyon)

Trinity Ishikawa (Valhalla) - “Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my essay for the scholarship. I’m very thankful for the gift card and will use it for my dorm room décor!” 

Blake Merriweather (Helix Charter)

Madison Miller (Veteran’s Memorial)

Noelle Miller-Haughton (Patrick Henry) - "I just wanted to thank you so much for the $100 gift card. I was a little sad to have not gotten the scholarship, but the gift card was more than generous and I am so grateful!  Thank you very much for everything!”

Madison Morgan (Foothills Christian)

Kai Okamura (Patrick Henry) - “Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me as I go off to college. I am very grateful for the scholarship money you gave me, as well as the smile you’ve given me over the years!” 

Sofia Ospina (SD High School of International Studies) 
Zachary Petrie (Monte Vista)

Sakura Roberson (La Jolla) 

Julia Ronney (Patrick Henry)

Brenda Rushing (Granite Hills)

Sage Salacup (Christian)

Brandon Self (Liberty Charter)

Austin Smith (Dehesa Charter)

Tremaine Sorge (Steele Canyon) - “Thank you so much for considering my scholarship application. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity. Thank you very much for sending out a gift card. It is very appreciated and has been really helpful."

Ryan Trivoli (West Hills) - “Although I did not win the scholarship, I want to thank you for the generous Visa gift card. This will help when I need stuff for my dorm. I head up to Washington State University August 14th, with my first day of school the 16th! Thanks again! Go Cougars!”

David Wilkins (Grossmont) - “I would like to thank you very much for the $100 gift card! I will put it to good use, as I am sure it will go a long way towards purchasing school supplies. I appreciate it very much!” 

Class of 2016 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Tess Kalfayan – (Academy of Our Lady of Peace) – “I would like to sincerely thank you for awarding me your generous scholarship. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the essay on self-confidence. I felt as though it was a topic that I have come to embrace over the past few years. I’m so thankful to have extra funds to help supplement the costs of my college education.”

Dana Bakke – (Granite Hills High School)

Olga Bronshteyn – (Patrick Henry High School)

Preston Meek – (Grossmont High School)

Elizabeth Bottenberg – (Liberty Charter High School)

Honorable Mention:

Julian Rey Saenz (Helix Charter), Rachel Orey (Helix Charter), Iain Paul (Granite Hills), Kiera Bryant (West Hills), Maria Galvez (Mater Dei), Madison Eckstein (Christian), Adi Mullen (Grossmont Middle College), Kian Liss (Patrick Henry), Regina Forester (Helix Charter),
Mikayla DeVries (Valhalla), Katrina Ponce-Dick (Grossmont), Jack Greenwood (Grossmont), Angelly Tovar (San Diego Early/Middle College), Sonya Stepacheva (Children’s Creative & Performing Arts Academy), Tiffany La (High Tech High), Jacob Rosenberg (High Tech High), Tirzah Alexander (High Tech High),
Grace Lehman (Helix Charter), Carly Pearson (Grossmont), Jordyn Snyder (Grossmont), George Sinclair (St. Augustine), Samantha Fidel (San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts), Satori Roberson (La Jolla High), Ahmad Dixon (Patrick Henry)

Class of 2015 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Livia Witteveen – (River Valley Charter School) – “Thank you so much for the wonderful scholarship. I will put it to very good use next year when I will be attending UCLA. Thank you again!”

Donald Sheahan – (Grossmont)

Courtney Williams – (El Capitan) – “Thank you for recognizing my accomplishments and rewarding me with this scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to follow my dreams at UC Davis and hopefully make a difference in my community as you have so successfully done so. Thanks again for everything you have done for me and also for providing me with a smile that I’ll like to share with the world <3."

Katie Raya – (Steele Canyon) – “Thank you so much for your generous scholarship! I am incredibly thankful and appreciative. Scholarships, including this one, is what will make going to college feasible for me. Once again, thank you so much!"

Honorable Mention:

Patrick Nissan (Valhalla), Sean Dawson (Grossmont), Ryan Hale (Steele Canyon),

Alexa Jones (Steele Canyon) – “Thank you for considering me for your scholarship. I was pleasantly surprised to receive your letter and gift card in the mail, thank you for that. I really enjoy and appreciate your involvement and generosity in our community! My sister and I are looking forward to your patient appreciation party! Thanks again!”

Karina Schulz (School of International Studies, SD High), Gabriela Ashenafi (OLP),

Kira Duffett (Grossmont), Carlchim Warren (Gompers Preparatory Academy), Tess Eaton (West Hills),

Elizabeth Gomes (High Tech High) – “Thank you so much for considering me for the Stormberg Scholarship and the Target Gift Card. I really appreciate it. The gift will serve me well while attending UCSD next year",

Kenneth Eaton (River Valley Charter), Elijah Sanchez (High Tech High), Jesse Galindo (Helix Charter), Megan Cali (OLP), Jacob Willson (Mountain Empire), Kirsten Hernandez (Monte Vista),

Rodger Dougherty III (Valhalla), Christina Meyer (Valhalla), Lucas Hill (International Studies, SD High), Gavin Partida (HIgh Tech High), Moriah Shields (Academy of Arts)

Class of 2014 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Emily Edgin (OLP)

Micah Cliffe (Helix) – “I am incredibly thankful for the scholarship you gave me. I promise it was a good investment! Because I will be majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer engineering, this scholarship will allow me to get a high quality computer that will be necessary for my studies.”

Madison Acampora (El Capitan) – “Thank you for acknowledging my accomplishments by awarding me with this scholarship. Your generous contribution will go toward my education at UCLA. Thank you for the many years of making my orthodontic experience enjoyable.”

Kalee DeHamer – (Patrick Henry) – “Thank you so much for your generous scholarship, it means a lot to me. This scholarship will help me to achieve my goals and follow my dreams.”

Honorable Mention:

Allisen Jones (Grossmont), Rebekah Belasco (Valhalla),

Eric Fleming (Valhalla) – “I would like to thank you for considering me for your scholarship. I will put the gift card to good use in my preparations for college. I go to UCSD in the fall. Thank you for being a great doctor and for helping your patients pay for college.”

Jennifer Graziano (Grossmont), Julie Seely (Grossmont), Madison Draper (Helix),

Serenity Green (Helix), Chloe Haddaway (OLP), Dustin Daneri (Helix), Riley Peterson (Grossmont),

Kristyn Hietala (Ramona), Caleb Hale (Foothills Christian), Rebecca Folkesson (Steele Canyon),

Jennifer Kaufman (Heritage Christian), Nathan Swartz (Steele Canyon),

Zach Fidel (River Valley Charter), Elisabeth Eckert (Heritage Christian),

Sitorabonu Kamilova (Grossmont), Christine Rodriquez (Helix), Kitt Supplee (El Capitan),

Oksana Germain (Heritage Christian), Jordyn DeGroote (Valhalla), Julia Waller (Helix),

Taylor Barber (Valhalla) – “Thank you so much for considering me for your scholarship. You have always supported me from pageants to scholastics. I greatly appreciate the Staples gift card as I start preparing for college! Thank you again for your love and support.”

Madelyn Urie (Patrick Henry), Kathryn Cook (Steele Canyon), Haley Bell (Valhalla),

Suzy deTrafford (Santana) and Zoey White (Waldorf School of San Diego).

Class of 2013

2013 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Amanda Fentress (Santana)
Matthew Honig (Patrick Henry)
Michael Balourdas (St. Augustine)
David Hesslink (West Hills)

Honorable Mention

Michael Starr (Grossmont)
Gabriel Smith (Valhalla)
Brianne Morrison (Valhalla)
Trevor Dreeson (Granite Hills)
Kelsey Whitaker (Valhalla)
Joshua Munoz (Grossmont)
Taylor Newberry (Steele Canyon)
Alexis Ramos (Steele Canyon)
Natalie Cushman (Grossmont)
Brooke Ronney (Patrick Henry)
Hannah Brown (San Diego Met)
Gabrielle Brambila (Monte Vista)
Sydney Pitcher (West Hills)
Joshua Hobart (Christian)
Olivia Meek (Grossmont)
Emily Sanchez (Dehesa Charter)
Michael Cali (St. Augustine)
Montana Miller (Granite Hills)
Kally Gaughan (Patrick Henry)
Ramsey Romano (Valhalla)

Class of 2012

2012 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Paige Hixson (Valhalla High)
Melissa Carver (Steele Canyon High)
Taelor Getz (Granite Hills High)
J. Delaney (Grossmont High

Honorable Mention

Corey Callaway (Granite Hills)
Brandon Luu (Patrick Henry)
Brian Neynaber (Christian High)
Delaney Weed (Steele Canyon)
Ashlee Dauz (Heritage Christian)
Michael Kaufman (Christian High)
S. Clay Meyer (Valhalla)
Kayley Edgin (Academy of Our Lady of Peace)
Kelli Gillespie (Steele Canyon)
Torrie Mazzarott (Helix Charter)
Courtney Van Buren (Patrick Henry)
Chandler Trotter (Mar Vista)
Breanna Burnworth (Steele Canyon)
Drew Adams (Grossmont)
Darcy VanMouwerik (Academy of Our Lady of Peace)
Kourtney DuBois (Steele Canyon)
Hunter Jones (Grossmont)

Class of 2011

2011 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Alexis Baker-Santana
Kendall Havener-Granite Hills
Lena Quang-Helix Charter
Sam Stowe-Helix Charter

Honorable Mention

Cameron Balough-Santana
Samantha Scott-West Hills
Rachel Bahena-Christian
Kailyn Franz-Steele Canyon
Desiree Hollifield-Granite Hills
Sophie Cox-Helix Charter
Lauren Cline-Helix Charter
Henry Teegarden-Scripps Ranch
Bryan Kugler-Santana
Jillian Lovejoy-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Audrey Goodman-High Tech High
Daniela Brady-Helix Charter
Allan Walker-Helix Charter
Hayley Ellis-Helix Charter
Jonathan Rogers-Helix Charter
Stephanie Nash-Christian
Kurtis Gefrom-Grossmont
Ashley Starr-West Hills
Austin Potts-Helix Charter
Sarah Crawford-Steele Canyon
Ryan VanVechten-High Tech High
Alberto Sandoval-Bonita Vista
Julianne Kennedy-Helix Charter
Emily Kryuchkova-Helix Charter
Andrea Ojeda-Helix Charter

Class of 2010

2010 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Scott Briggs-St. Augustine
Taylor Acampora-El Capitan
Scott Woods-Valhalla
Natalie Alvarez-The Bishop's School

Honorable Mention

Juli Sorenson-Grossmont
Jessica Glidewell-Steele Canyon
Caitlin Cajka-Valhalla
Eric Wilkins-Grossmont
Rhiannon Monta-San Diego High
Janey Sanders-River Valley Charter
Catrina Balough-Santana
Danica Wahl-Steele Canyon
Alexandra Dean-Valhalla
Meg Zabriskie-Helix Charter
Carolyn Jungman-Grossmont
Courtney Barker-Steele Canyon
Kaylie Gilchriest-West Hills
Jamie Leatherman-Valhalla
Troy Wahl-Steele Canyon
Misa Pham-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Emily Ruiz-Grossmont
Kellie Churchman-Steele Canyon
Patrick Ring-Valhalla
Carissa Johnson-Christian High
David Augustine-Steele Canyon
Jake Haar-Grossmont
Alycia Taylor-El Capitan
Kathryn Duggan-Lutheran High
Samantha Burnworth-Unknown

Class of 2009

2009 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Ariana Greenberg-McClung-Helix Charter
Garett Pitcher-Helix Charter
Ethan Thompson-High Tech High
Stephanie Larson-Christian High

Honorable Mention

Nicole Leraas-Valhalla
Bryan Bierman-Steele Canyon
Lauren Lacuesta-Christian
Elaine Ponce-Dick-Helix Charter
Lacey O'Brien-Mountain Empire
Carly Sanchez-Helix Charter
Sara Fohr-Helix Charter
Robyn Cabuccia-The Preuss School UCSD
Alex Mousavi-Helix Charter
Kiara Smithee-Grossmont
John Michael Brooks-SDSCPA
Micheal Scherer-Mt Empire High
Catherine Erbes-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Kendra Kelly-Grossmont High
Kathleen Rhea-Valhalla High
Lakshmi Odedra-Steele Canyon High
Rachel Bair-Christian High

Class of 2008

2008 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Kyle Phipps, El Capitan
Nick Mendoza, Steele Canyon
Trent Brookshier, Christian

Honorable Mention

Amy Woods, Valhalla
Katie Stephens, El Capitan
Allison Baxter, Grossmont
Adam Nash, Christian
Melanie To, Preuss UCSD
Owen Warner, Grossmont
Kaitiln Schluter, Steele Canyon
Alexis Hixson, Valhalla
Britty Balough, Santana
Timothy Buckmaster, Steele Canyon
Allison Sherburne, Grossmont
Jacob Frischknecht, Granite Hills
Courtney Acampora, El Capitan
Steven Janning, Hilltop
Madison Howe, Rancho Bernardo
Hunter Beamon, Monte Vista
Kayla Potts, Helix Charter
Collete "Coco" Sirard, High Tech
Allison Turley, Patrick Henry
Holly Walker, River Valley Charter
Mario Diver, Helix Charter

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