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Twin Blocks Instructions

Twin Block Functional Appliance 


A Twin Block Functional Appliance is a two-part device worn inside the mouth to correct jaw malalignment. This device was developed in Scotland in the late 1970s and is very effective when worn and cared for properly. 


Placement & Wearing 

The appliances are delivered and adjusted in our office for proper fit. If any sore spots, loose baby teeth or incoming permanent teeth should hinder the wear of the appliances, please call our office during business hours and we will see you as soon as possible. Full Time wear, 24/7, except during eating, tooth brushing, contact sports and swimming. Place in a retainer case and in a cool, dry area. Avoid hot water, and hot cars, as this will warp the acrylic on the appliances. We need cooperation for a successful result. You gotta wear ‘em! Speaking while wearing the twin blocks may be difficult in the beginning, it will improve, try speaking slowly and clearly with appliances in place. With practice, speech will return to normal. 



We will see you in 6-10 weeks following the delivery of the twin blocks. Then every 8 weeks for short appointments to follow the progress. Patient progress and hygiene will be monitored and recorded. If any problem occurs between visits, please call for an earlier appointment. 



Anytime the twin blocks are out of the mouth, they should be placed in a retainer case. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are attracted to the saliva on the appliances, if left unattended. Avoid wrapping in a napkin or placing in pockets without the case (this can result in accidentally throwing them away or breaking them). There will be an additional replacement fee, if the twin blocks are lost or broken. If we can make adjustments in the office, no additional fee will incur. 



Brush the appliances after every meal with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Once or twice a week, use ‘Retainer Brite’ to freshen and clean the appliances. DO NOT USE DENTURE CLEANERS! It will corrode the wires and solder joints.


Duration Of Treatment 

Usually twin blocks are worn 12-24 months full time, 24/7, depending on growth and cooperation. Once jaw alignment has been corrected, twin blocks will be worn 12 hours as retainers until the permanent teeth have erupted. Dr. Stormberg will evaluate for Phase II at that time. 


Contact Us

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding these instructions or anything about your treatment, please contact Dr. Stormberg or his team. You can contact our La Mesa office at (619) 462-4462 or email [email protected] Twin Blocks put you in control of your orthodontic destiny!

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