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OrthoDefense From The Best Orthodontist In San Diego

 Dr. Stormberg is one of the best and most experienced orthodontists in the San Diego and La Mesa areas and our patients appreciate his attention to their orthodontic needs. During your braces or Invisalign treatment at Stormberg Orthodontics, we not only provide the highest-quality orthodontic appliances, we also work to ensure your teeth stay healthy and beautiful. For some patients, Dr. Stormberg may prescribe an alternative oral care toothpaste called Colgate PreviDent 5000 Ortho Defense. 


What Is Colgate PreviDent 5000 Ortho Defense?

Colgate PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus is an effective oral care toothpaste with a high fluoride content that helps increase the tooth's resistance to acids from penetrating the tooth's enamel. It remineralizes the tooth’s roots and helps reduce white spot lesions using a mild, low abrasive cleaning system. 


Why Did Dr. Stormberg Prescribe PreviDent 5000?

PreviDent 5000 helps reduce the sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acidic foods or sweets in adults and children. In addition to sensitivity, PreviDent also:

  • Prevents enamel loss.
  • Helps prevent or reverse white-spot lesions/decalcification.
  • Works great for people with dental crowns or bridges as well as all types of braces. 
  • Ideal for patients with high risk of tooth decay.

How To Use PreviDent 5000


  • Patients 6 to 16-years old


Brush twice daily for two minutes with a thin ribbon of PreviDent on your toothbrush. Rinse your mouth thoroughly right away after brushing. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after brushing. Do not swallow.


  • Patients Older Than 16


Brush twice daily for two minutes with a thin ribbon of PreviDent on your toothbrush. Only rinse out any extra paste. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after brushing for best results. Do not swallow.


Need Orthodontic Care in San Diego? 

If you need the best orthodontist in San Diego, contact Stormberg Orthodontics and make an appointment for your first visit to our conveniently located La Mesa office. Dr. Stormberg will ensure every detail of your personalized treatment plan is documented so that you can have an enjoyable and efficient orthodontic treatment experience. We’re always here to answer any questions you have about PreveDent tooth gel or any of our recommended products or services. Contact us anytime at 619-462-4462. We can’t wait to make your smile shine!

Stormberg Orthodontics

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