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Stormberg Scholarships

Stormberg Orthodontics awards $1000.00 scholarships each year to graduating seniors, who are current or former patients of Dr. Kurt Stormberg. Dr. Stormberg and his staff will present the scholarship winner a check for $1000.00.


Must be a student in grade 12 for the current school year
Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 or better
Current or Former Patient of Dr. Kurt Stormberg

Mail Applications to:

Stormberg Orthodontics
4333 Palm Avenue, Suite C
La Mesa, CA 91941
Attention: Debbie Rolf
Deadline is April 14, 2017

No Late Applications Will Be Accepted or Considered!

Please Make Sure You Attach ALL The Following:

Completed Scholarship Application
Copy of Transcript, Most Current Semester
300 Word Essay: “Why Self-Confidence is So Important”
Senior Photo (A Copy is Fine)

Any questions:

Contact person: Debbie Rolf, Marketing Coordinator
619-462-4462 Fax 619-462-8267
Email: drkurt@orthosandiego.com

Due date April 14, 2017. 2016 is now closed, winners were announced at their Senior Awards Ceremonies or by mail by June 14, 2016.


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Scholarship Winners

Class of 2017 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Winners & Photos Coming Soon!

Class of 2016 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Tess Kalfayan - (Academy of Our Lady of Peace) -“ I would like to sincerely thank you for awarding me your generous scholarship.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing the essay on self-confidence.  I felt as though it was a topic that I have come to embrace over the past few years.  I’m so thankful to have extra funds to help supplement the costs of my college education.”

Dana Bakke - (Granite Hills High School)
Olga Bronshteyn - (Patrick Henry High School)
Preston Meek - (Grossmont High School)
Elizabeth Bottenberg - (Liberty Charter High School)

Honorable Mention:

Julian Rey Saenz (Helix Charter), Rachel Orey (Helix Charter), Iain Paul (Granite Hills),
Kiera Bryant (West Hills), Maria Galvez (Mater Dei), Madison Eckstein (Christian),
Adi Mullen (Grossmont Middle College), Kian Liss (Patrick Henry), Regina Forester (Helix Charter), Mikayla DeVries (Valhalla), Katrina Ponce-Dick (Grossmont), Jack Greenwood (Grossmont),
Angelly Tovar (San Diego Early/Middle College),
Sonya Stepacheva (Children’s Creative & Performing Arts Academy), Tiffany La (High Tech High),
Jacob Rosenberg (High Tech High), Tirzah Alexander (High Tech High),
Grace Lehman (Helix Charter), Carly Pearson (Grossmont), Jordyn Snyder (Grossmont),
George Sinclair (St. Augustine), Samantha Fidel (San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts), Satori Roberson (La Jolla High), Ahmad Dixon (Patrick Henry)

Class of 2015 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Livia Witteveen-(River Valley Charter School)-"Thank you so much for the wonderful scholarship.  I will put it to very good use next year when I will be attending UCLA.  Thank you again!"

Donald Sheahan-(Grossmont)

Courtney Williams-(El Capitan)-"Thank you for recognizing my accomplishments and rewarding me with this scholarship.  This scholarship will allow me to follow my dreams at UC Davis and hopefully make a difference in my community as you have so successfully done so.  Thanks again for everything you have done for me and alsofor providing me with a smile that I'l like to share with the world <3."

Katie Raya-(Steele Canyon)-"Thank you so much for your generous scholarship!  I am incredibly thankful and appreciative.  Scholarships, including this one, is what will make going to college feasable for me.  Once again, thank you so much!"


Honorable Mention:

Patrick Nissan (Valhalla), Sean Dawson (Grossmont), Ryan Hale (Steele Canyon),

Alexa Jones (Steele Canyon) "Thank you for considering me for your scholarship,  I was pleasantly surprised to recieve your letter and gift card in the mail, thank you for that.  I really enjoy and appreciate your involvement and generoisty in our community!  My sister and I are looking forward to your patient appreication party!  Thanks again!",

Karina Schulz (School of International Studies, SD High), Gabriela Ashenafi (OLP),

Kira Duffett (Grossmont), Carlchim Warren (Gompers Preperatory Academy), Tess Eaton (West Hills), Elizabeth Gomes (High Tech High) "Thank you so much for considering me for the Stormberg Scholarship and the Target Gift Card.  I really appreciate it.  The gift will serve me well while attending UCSD next year",  

Kenneth Eaton (River Valley Charter ), Elijah Sanchez (High Tech High), Jesse Galindo (Helix Charter), Megan Cali (OLP), Jacob Willson (Mountain Empire), Kirsten Hernandez (Monte Vista),

Rodger Dougherty III (Valhalla), Christina Meyer (Valhalla), Lucas Hill (International Studies, SD High), Gavin Partida (HIgh Tech High), Moriah Shields (Academy of Arts


Class of 2014 Stormberg Scholarship Winners:

Emily Edgin (OLP)

Micah Cliffe (Helix)-"I am incredibly thankful for the scholarship you gave me.  I promise it was a good investment!  Because I will be majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer engineering, this scholarship will allow me to get a high quality computer that will be necessary for my studies."

Madison Acampora (El Capitan)  "Thank you for acknowledging my accomplishments by awarding me with this scholarship.  Your generous contribution will go toward my education at UCLA.  Thank you for the many years of making my orthodontic experience enjoyable."

Kalee DeHamer-(Patrick Henry) "Thank you so much for your generous scholarship, it means a lot to me.  This scholarship will help me to achieve my goals and follow my dreams." 


Honorable Mention:

Allisen Jones (Grossmont), Rebekah Belasco (Valhalla),

Eric Fleming (Valhalla) "I would like to thank you for considering me for your scholarship.  I will put the gift card to good use in my preparations for college.  I go to UCSD in the fall.  Thank you for being a great doctor and for helping your patients pay for college."

Jennifer Graziano (Grossmont), Julie Seely (Grossmont), Madison Draper (Helix),

Serenity Green (Helix), Chloe Haddaway (OLP), Dustin Daneri (Helix), Riley Peterson (Grossmont),

Kristyn Hietala (Ramona), Caleb Hale (Foothills Christian), Rebecca Folkesson (Steele Canyon),

Jennifer Kaufman (Heritage Christian), Nathan Swartz (Steele Canyon),

Zach Fidel (River Valley Charter), Elisabeth Eckert (Heritage Christian),

Sitorabonu Kamilova (Grossmont), Christine Rodriquez (Helix), Kitt Supplee (El Capitan),

Oksana Germain (Heritage Christian), Jordyn DeGroote (Valhalla), Julia Waller (Helix),

Taylor Barber (Valhalla) "Thank you so much for considering me for your scholarship.  You have always supported me from pageants to scholastics.  I greatly appreciate the Staples gift card as I start preparing for college!  Thank you again for your love and support."

Madelyn Urie (Patrick Henry), Kathryn Cook (Steele Canyon), Haley Bell (Valhalla),

Suzy deTrafford (Santana) and Zoey White (Waldorf School of San Diego).


Class of 2013

2013 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Amanda Fentress (Santana)
Matthew Honig (Patrick Henry)
Michael Balourdas (St. Augustine)
David Hesslink (West Hills)

Honorable Mention

Michael Starr (Grossmont)
Gabriel Smith (Valhalla)
Brianne Morrison (Valhalla)
Trevor Dreeson (Granite Hills)
Kelsey Whitaker (Valhalla)
Joshua Munoz (Grossmont)
Taylor Newberry (Steele Canyon)
Alexis Ramos (Steele Canyon)
Natalie Cushman (Grossmont)
Brooke Ronney (Patrick Henry)
Hannah Brown (San Diego Met)
Gabrielle Brambila (Monte Vista)
Sydney Pitcher (West Hills)
Joshua Hobart (Christian)
Olivia Meek (Grossmont)
Emily Sanchez (Dehesa Charter)
Michael Cali (St. Augustine)
Montana Miller (Granite Hills)
Kally Gaughan (Patrick Henry)
Ramsey Romano (Valhalla)

Class of 2012

2012 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Paige Hixson (Valhalla High)
Melissa Carver (Steele Canyon High)
Taelor Getz (Granite Hills High)
J Delaney (Grossmont High

Honorable Mention

Corey Callaway (Granite Hills)
Brandon Luu (Patrick Henry)
Brian Neynaber (Christian High)
Delaney Weed (Steele Canyon)
Ashlee Dauz (Heritage Christian)
Michael Kaufman (Christian High)
S. Clay Meyer (Valhalla)
Kayley Edgin (Academy of Our Lady of Peace)
Kelli Gillespie (Steele Canyon)
Torrie Mazzarott (Helix Charter)
Courtney Van Buren (Patrick Henry)
Chandler Trotter (Mar Vista)
Breanna Burnworth (Steele Canyon)
Drew Adams (Grossmont)
Darcy VanMouwerik (Academy of Our Lady of Peace)
Kourtney DuBois (Steele Canyon)
Hunter Jones (Grossmont)

Class of 2011

2011 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Alexis Baker-Santana
Kendall Havener-Granite Hills
Lena Quang-Helix Charter
Sam Stowe-Helix Charter

Honorable Mention

Cameron Balough-Santana
Samantha Scott-West Hills
Rachel Bahena-Christian
Kailyn Franz-Steele Canyon
Desiree Hollifield-Granite Hills
Sophie Cox-Helix Charter
Lauren Cline-Helix Charter
Henry Teegarden-Scripps Ranch
Bryan Kugler-Santana
Jillian Lovejoy-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Audrey Goodman-High Tech High
Daniela Brady-Helix Charter
Allan Walker-Helix Charter
Hayley Ellis-Helix Charter
Jonathan Rogers-Helix Charter
Stephanie Nash-Christian
Kurtis Gefrom-Grossmont
Ashley Starr-West Hills
Austin Potts-Helix Charter
Sarah Crawford-Steele Canyon
Ryan VanVechten-High Tech High
Alberto Sandoval-Bonita Vista
Julianne Kennedy-Helix Charter
Emily Kryuchkova-Helix Charter
Andrea Ojeda-Helix Charter
Sarah Sedillo-Eastlake

Class of 2010

2010 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Scott Briggs-St. Augustine
Taylor Acampora-El Capitan
Scott Woods-Valhalla
Natalie Alvarez-The Bishop's School

Honorable Mention

Juli Sorenson-Grossmont
Jessica Glidewell-Steele Canyon
Caitlin Cajka-Valhalla
Eric Wilkins-Grossmont
Rhiannon Monta-San Diego High
Janey Sanders-River Valley Charter
Catrina Balough-Santana
Danica Wahl-Steele Canyon
Alexandra Dean-Valhalla
Meg Zabriskie-Helix Charter
Carolyn Jungman-Grossmont
Courtney Barker-Steele Canyon
Kaylie Gilchriest-West Hills
Jamie Leatherman-Valhalla
Troy Wahl-Steele Canyon
Misa Pham-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Emily Ruiz-Grossmont
Kellie Churchman-Steele Canyon
Patrick Ring-Valhalla
Carissa Johnson-Christian High
David Augustine-Steele Canyon
Jake Haar-Grossmont
Alycia Taylor-El Capitan
Kathryn Duggan-Lutheran High
Samantha Burnworth-Unknown

Class of 2009

2009 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Ariana Greenberg-McClung-Helix Charter
Garett Pitcher-Helix Charter
Ethan Thompson-High Tech High
Stephanie Larson-Christian High

Honorable Mention

Nicole Leraas-Valhalla
Bryan Bierman-Steele Canyon
Lauren Lacuesta-Christian
Elaine Ponce-Dick-Helix Charter
Lacey O'Brien-Mountain Empire
Carly Sanchez-Helix Charter
Sara Fohr-Helix Charter
Robyn Cabuccia-The Preuss School UCSD
Alex Mousavi-Helix Charter
Kiara Smithee-Grossmont
John Michael Brooks-SDSCPA
Micheal Scherer-Mt Empire High
Catherine Erbes-Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Kendra Kelly-Grossmont High
Kathleen Rhea-Valhalla High
Lakshmi Odedra-Steele Canyon High
Rachel Bair-Christian High

Class of 2008

2008 Stormberg Scholarship Winners

Kyle Phipps, El Capitan
Nick Mendoza, Steele Canyaon
Trent Brookshier, Christian

Honorable Mention

Amy Woods, Valhalla
Katie Stephens, El Capitan
Allison Baxter, Grossmont
Adam Nash, Christian
Melanie To, Preuss UCSD
Owen Warner, Grossmont
Kaitiln Schluter, Steele Canyon
Alexis Hixson, Valhalla
Britty Balough, Santana
Timothy Buckmaster, Steele Canyon
Allison Sherburne, Grossmont
Jacob Frischknecht, Granite Hills
Courtney Acampora, El Capitan
Steven Janning, Hilltop
Madison Howe, Rancho Bernardo
Hunter Beamon, Monte Vista
Kayla Potts, Helix Charter
Collete "Coco" Sirard, High Tech
Allison Turley, Patrick Henry
Holly Walker, River Valley Charter
Mario Diver, Helix Charte