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Patient Testimonials

“Your office is timely and friendly. I got a consult near my home in Rancho Bernardo, but came for your consult at La Mesa Dental’s recommendation. Milauni was so wonderful with me. Her caring and friendly demeanor made me look forward to coming in. She truly cares about her patients. She always made me feel comfortable and at ease with the process. She also gave helpful tips and tricks.”

Natalie J., June 2017

“You treat your patients well and your early morning appointments are the best! When I had a concern (unique to our family), I spoke directly to the staff. It was taken care of, awesome! Thank you”

Anonymous, May 2017

“You are best at getting the teeth fixed. The only suggestion would be to let people choose what video games they want to play, give them a selection.”

Anonymous, May 2017

“You are best at prizes, giveaways, parties-my daughter (15) who doesn’t have braces, says it’s the best office ever! You are different than other practices because you have more personable staff, professional and community involvement. Hands down, this office is the best orthodontics has to offer :)!”

Anonymous, June 2017

“This place is a gem! I selected this location based on the Yelp reviews for my daughter and I was so impressed that I am also getting adult braces. Excellent customer service (especially by Deanne and Alyssa). Deanne, the primary coordinator for your services is the best!!! She provided clear and concise information about the treatment and pricing plan and the service is reasonably prices and you get top-notch service! I like that the office provides appointment reminders for text and they to accommodate your schedule, etc. The Dental Assistants and Orthodontist do an excellent job. Location has ample parking. I definitely would refer this location!"

Xo X Yelp Review 5/25/17

“Dr. Stormberg and his entire staff are outstanding. Always kind, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The finance office worked with our insurance and offered us monthly payment options which was extremely helpful. We had many friends refer us to Dr. Stormberg, so there was not a doubt in our mind that our family would use Stormberg Orthodontics. Our daughter’s smile is beautiful…Thank you Dr. Stormberg!”

Jennie L, Yelp Review 4/7/17

“Dr. Stormberg is an extremely knowledgeable orthodontist. He is kind, professional, and an expert at what he does. I had the pleasure of receiving my Invisalign treatment through him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Pricing is reasonable and they work with your budget. In house financing is offered here which is always a plus! The front desk staff is very friendly and they always work around my busy work and school schedule. All around, Stormberg Orthodontics is a great place! If you’re ever looking for an orthodontist, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Stormberg!”

Christine A, Yelp Review 3/29/17

“You are very organized and on time. I don’t have to wait forever when I arrive for my appointment. Very efficient. Your practice is different than other practices I visited because of more individual care and plan per the patient’s need and mouth issues. You guys are awesome! I wish ALL doctor’s offices were like yours!”

Anonymous, May 2017

“You are best at keeping appointment times, reminder calls and getting patients in & out on time. My son really likes that procedures were explained before they were done and how nice everyone was. Phase One was with another orthodontist; horrible experience, constant cancellations, spent almost a year longer, rude and difficult when making appointments, that is why we considered coming to Stormberg Orthodontics. I’m sure there’s always room for improvement, but I can’t think of any, nor my son.”


Anonymous, May 2017

“The best customer care! Great job.”

Chris W., May 2017

“When we first knew we were coming from Germany, we found out about Stormberg from Facebook parents. Highly recommended on Facebook from previous military families. Great services, thank you!”

Elizabeth R., May 2017

“Everyone at Stormberg Orthodontics has been very courteous and professional. We had gone to another orthodontist for early treatment and I felt uneasy with the doctor. I have recommended Dr. Stormberg and Team to many people, I brag about you all the time! Thank you!”

Anonymous, April 2017

“You are different than other practices because you are totally awesome! Keep up the great work!”

Anonymous, April 2017

“You give personal attention and professional recognition. You all are always so nice, thanks!”

Kathy J, April 2017

“No waiting is what I like best! Very professional and polite.”

Maureen D., April 2017

“Always friendly and appointments are explained well. We have a variety of friends who recommended you.”

Jennifer L., April 2017

“We were different than other practices because of the confidence in the most effective treatment plan. Thank you!”

Anonymous, April 2017

“You make patients feel special; warm and friendly staff. You have been so great! I’ll miss coming in for your wonderful treatment. Can’t think of a thing you could do better or differently. Thanks for everything!”

Sherry A., April 2017

"We are best at being very organized and efficient and had better treatment than other orthodontic practices we considered."

Anonymous, March 2017

"I considered other orthodontic practices for TMJ devices that did not change the pain. Invisalign stopped the pain. Love the in/out effectiveness of appointments. Simple and for the most part, on time. All the staff were remarkable."

Anonymous, March 2017

"You are best at being patient and cooperative with appointment scheduling and appointment issues, for example missed appointments. Thanks for the great care!"

Padilla Family January 2017

"You are efficient and friendly. The cost was less and I had much more confidence in Dr. Stormberg."

Anonymous January 2017

"You are best at fast appointment times. We compared prices and you were in line with the other orthodontists. You lived up to your excellent reputation!"

Anonymous January 2017

"Staff in the front office are especially excellent. You need to update the TV in the waiting room."

Anonymous January 2017

"You are best at organization and consistency."

Anonymous, January 2017

“Clean office, gracious staff and the best doctor care ever!”

Anonymous November 2016

What are we doing best? “Kind, helpful staff, best doctor. You were more professional than other offices we visited.”

Anonymous, December 2016

What are we doing best? “Your front desk personnel are always so pleasant and professional. The office is always clean and inviting. I wish we had Dr. Stormberg when our kids went through orthodontia. I’m the spouse of the patient, I just wanted to comment on what I’ve experienced by just coming in with him. Thanks!”

Anonymous, December 2016

You are the best at seeing patients as soon as they sign in, someone was ready to see me. I never had to wait more than a minute to be seen, that’s a huge plus in my eyes. Great job everyone! You were my first and only choice for orthodontic practices. Big hugs to everyone in the office. I <3 my new smile. You guys rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nicolette, October 2016

We are best at scheduling appointments and quick to see patients. Your office offered different treatment plans and not as busy. Some offices that have both dental and orthodontic care will change the wire and then clean teeth during that time. That is a huge benefit.

Anonymous, October 2016

What are we doing best? “Everything-easy scheduling, customer service was great-everyone J. Dr. Stormberg is very professional and pleasant, treatment plan was excellent.”

How are we different from other practices you visited? “Better hours of operation, flexibility with scheduling and your office is a well-oiled machine!. All was great, Thank you!”

Anonymous, 10/16

From someone who has put 2 kids through braces and has known this team for over 6 years, I have marveled over the professionalism of Dr. Stormberg’s team. Like many of us, I am a working parent with little time for inefficiencies in a full daily schedule. I can’t speak highly enough of Stormberg Orthodontics. Meticulous work, friendly atmosphere, amazing team, flawless business practices form the first consult to the last. My only complaint is that we won’t see them much anymore now that both my kids are out of braces.

Lina Willis, September 2016

We love coming here, thanks for treating us. Very personable, very accommodating, friendly, better payment options.

Ferguson Family, 9/16

We love everything about your office. Thank you so much!

Anonymous, 9/16

Time in and out of office, results are the best. My other daughter was a previous patient and we were happy with the doctor and staff to start another family member. Stormberg Orthodontics is willing to work with patients, works well with children and have quick in and out office visits.

Anonymous, 9/16

What are we doing best? “Informing patients & parents of the status of treatment. Enabling the child to “own” their responsibility portion of the treatment. We had considered other traditional offices, but yours was superbly run from scheduling to the feel of the office space.”

Anonymous, 9/16

Very friendly! Receptionist is great on the phone! Dr. Stormberg communicates very well.

Anonymous, June 2016

Better office hours, more thoroughly explained plan.

Anonymous, June 2016

Reply from Stormberg Orthodontics, “Thank you , we will be opening earlier on Fridays, 7am and we have a new video program to review hygiene, treatment, appliances at each chair for a better understanding of ongoing treatment. We truly appreciate your comments and concerns.”

The constant, ongoing welcome at the office was fabulous. Clearly communicated appointment times always appreciated. Our dentist only referred to your office based on our daughter’s needs. For such a pricey investment, it was pretty painless with the monthly payments. We have nothing but positive things to say. Many thanks!

Newbury's, June 2016

Right away I noticed how clean everything was! Amazing staff and everything was great!

Anonymous, June 2016

Very friendly! Super dentist, you guys are honest and friendly, no pressure. You guys are great!

Anonymous, June 2016

You run a tight ship and it’s awesome! On time, efficient and professional. LOVED the celebratory cider, balloons, candy and certificate at the end of treatment. Such a happy, gracious touch!

Anonymous, June 2016

At Stormberg Orthodontics, Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our patients, making a visit with us something to look forward to, so we take our patient feedback very seriously. We sincerely appreciate when patients tell us about their experiences, as this helps us create an even better time in our office.

What are you doing best? Patient Service! I had to rush from work and school to pick up my son to get him to his ortho appointment and I was late. Your staff was kind to accomodate me in only a couple of minutes. It's really appreciated. Thanks. I love the cleanliness and how the staff is always coordinating. Love it.

Anonymous, April 2016

We love that you are friendly and loving.

Maria Z, April 2016

Everything was wonderful, no suggestions. The only negative was that the appointments were so fast, I didn’t get to know the staff J. Thank you!

Anonymous, April 2016

Thank you to all who have contributed to making Stormberg Orthodontics a leading care provider in La Mesa. Please see below to read some of our patient testimonials!

March 2016

Sign in procedure very effective. Never waiting more than 3 minutes! Everyone is very positive! Options explained well and executed without complications.

March 2016

This experience has been an absolute state of the art experience and we could not have asked for any better care and treatment. A very professional group from every aspect of your office! Thanks!

JC, February 2016

Dr. Stormberg and his staff are helpful, friendly and accommodating. My son isn’t even in braces yet and I’ve been so happy with his check-ups. Thank you for your amazing patient care.

Kim Thompson, February 2016

“Everything was excellent”

Anonymous, December 2015

“To Dr. Stormberg and everyone of your amazing, upbeat, staff: You are a well-oiled machine, however, your most impressive quality is connecting with each patient in a gracious and kind manner. God has blessed your business-keep up the great work. I won’t hesitate to refer! Thank you!"

Marcia and Brennan Jones, December 2015

“Dr. Kurt is absolutely the best! My wife and I were patients and now our oldest son is too! I recommend Stormberg Orthodontics to all my friends and family!”

Scott Martin, November 2015

“We wanna Thank You for always taking great care of all our patients we have referred to you! We truly appreciate you! You all Rock!!!”

Dr. Eiad Haddad, October 2015

“Team Stormberg does so much to help their patients and parents. In all my years, this is the only dental industry office that I’ve experienced appreciation for their patients with a yearly party for patients and their families. THANK YOU TEAM STORMBERG FOR ALL THAT Y’ALL HAVE DONE FOR ME, DESTINY, AND OTHER FAMILES.”

Carlyn Aguon Eustaquio, October 2015

“I thought my treatment was amazing and the product was better than I thought. Loved it!”

Anonymous Survey, September 2015

“They are awesome the way they are.”

Anonymous Survey, August 2015

“Putting more ‘Glee’ into your day.”

Anna Arriola, August 2015

“Thanks for the Invisalign video and thanks for the “welfare check” phone voicemail I received the other night. The first few days were tough getting used to, but all is well now and I am underway with establishing my habits and routines to navigate this Invisalign year. I’m really glad I’m doing this. Your office staff has been amazing with the whole process, good job sir!”

Jack M,, August 2015

“I felt you had all aspects covered well. The staff was always friendly and the office was always clean!”“One extra early morning appointment day per week would be helpful.”

Anonymous Surveys, July 2015

“This has been the most beautifully managed and extraordinary professional ortho office!"

Dr. Dana Nemeth, July 2015

“Both children have beautiful smiles, thanks to Dr. Stormberg and his wonderful team!"

Carmen Burke, July 2015

“Dr. Stormberg and his staff are pretty amazing! They are patient with my girls, always seem to find an appointment that we need, and always have a smile on their faces. They really like their jobs! I’d recommend them to anyone, and I have; many times!"

Brandy Thornton Smallwood, July 2015

"Boy, you guys know how to celebrate! Thank you for all the fun Alex had getting her braces off. She's been so excited the past couple of days; you really put the icing on the cake.

Dr. Stormberg, you and your entire staff are AWESOME! What a great experience this has been."

Sincerely,Stephanie Lomeli, 2013


"How can you improve perfection?! Thank you for all the kindness and care you gave me!"

Kim Jones, 2013

"I wouldn't change a thing. In every way possible, you have all been very accommodating, enthusiastic, fun, encouraging to students/patients, compassionate to my daughter when her retainer got run over by a car, generous to a fault with your annual Patient Appreciation parties, and everyone is professional, personable and friend. A great team of professionals. Dr. Kurt, you assured me that the ever-so-slight slant in my daughter's upper front teeth would re-align on their own after her braces came off – they sure did! Her smile is beautiful! So is mine now. I am your biggest fan, so I'll tell everyone that Stormberg Orthodontics is really the best. One of the selling points for me: no hidden charges. Been there and done that in my daughter's first phase. After that, I was in the market for a different orthodontist. You were Dr. Nottoli's recommendation, and we never looked back. Board certified, too – we were very fortunate. Many thanks to you and your team, Dr. Kurt."

Esther Bongiovanne, 2013

"I appreciate what you are doing for the V Family. You, Dr. Stormberg, and your staff are incredibly wonderful people. The world needs people like you. You may have heard, "The world is a much better place with you in it!" On a scale of 1 to 5, your office is a 10+! I will always and forever recommend Stormberg Orthodontics to anyone who needs orthodontic care."

Toni Sullivan, 2013

"I really appreciate the staff, and Dr. Kurt is always very informative. When there were financial problems for my family, the solution offered was GREAT!! Helped me to continue care for my son.

His teeth are perfect. Thank you!"

Ursla & Dedric J. Family, 2013

"Dr. Stormberg and staff are excellent! So nice and so friendly! They always make you feel welcomed and like family. Thank you so much! Awesome!"

Malissa Ching, 2013

"Great customer service! Everything about this office is 5-star!"

"My experience was professional, the staff was friendly and kind, follow-ups and reminders were excellent. Dr. Stormberg made you feel at ease and could tell when the patient needed to work harder. He was always positive."

"I wish all doctors' offices worked as quickly, efficiently and kindly as yours!! I thought the gift bag of "no no" candy at the end of the braces was particularly wonderful!! On a scale from 1 to 5, this office is a 6!"

"Seriously, this was a great experience. Your office was recommended to us, and I will recommend it to anyone I meet who is looking for an orthodontist."


"I was very impressed with all aspects of my treatment. What a professional group! I'm absolutely delighted with my results!"

"There is nothing I would change about this office! The cleanliness and neatness of the office is amazing – 5 stars! Good job, Stormberg Orthodontics."

Anonymous Survey, 2013

"The staff is courteous and friendly. The office is neat and clean. Often I arrive early for my appointments and there’s always a great tech ready to take me early. I’ve never had to wait past my appointment time. I’m very pleased with the gentle and quality care I receive at Stormberg Orthodontics."

Corinne, 2013


"You are all perfect! Lovely people and kind personalities!"

Anonymous Survey, January 2014


"Nothing really, this place is amazing!

Thank you guys for always being so helpful and caring."

Anonymous Survey, February 2014


"Absolutely nothing needs to be changed. Your office and staff are perfection! Just like your results! Thanks"

Cathy and Whitney Monroe, April 2014


"Love Milauni and how she kept me laughing and I had a great time with her."

Jaeden S, May 2014


"We are very pleased with your office and your staff. Thank you and keep up the good service :)."

Cleveland Family, June 2014


"Everything was great"

"Always a pleasure even though it's been too long. Thank You!"

"Overall, it was a great experience"

Anonymous Surveys, June 2014


"No changes, no complaints. Orthodontics isn't "fun", but you make it fun with parties, contests, fun TV movies, etc. You and your staff are friendly, patient and kind. You follow thru on what you say will happen. You explain every step and why this is being done well. Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience for us!"

Anonymous Surveys, July 2014

"How to improve on the BEST team in San Diego? Don't change a thing! Thank you so very much!"

Linda Patzold, July 2014

" I did not know the treatment was all inclusive, i.e. more time did not equal more payments.

A pleasant surprise!"

Anonymous Surveys, July 2014


"Thought everything was wonderful!"

"I think that there shouldn't really be improvement because everything is really well and good!"

"None, excellent service"

"Always exceptional service! Thank you for a great expereince!!"

"You guys are great!"

" I would like to thank each and everyone of you for you genuine accomplishments and services you provide here. I cannot express how much I truly appreciate you guys! Thank you!"

Anonymous Surveys, September 2014



"I think that they should change nothing, they are perfectly fine at everything they do."

Anonymous Survey, November 2014



"Can't say enough about the postive experience my two children have had at Stormberg Orthodontics. We were referred by my sister in La Mesa who raved about the experience her granddaughter had there. My daughter finished her braces experience at Stormberg"s last spring and my son is near completion this winter. They do it right and we appreciate it! Terrific staff of friendly and professional people. Thanks! We will certainly offer positive reference is anyone is looking for orthodontic care."

 J Cleveland

Facebook 1/18/15



"We are beyond happy with everything here and have nothing but nice, kind things to say!  


 Thank You All :)!,"


"Nothing, everything is great :)"


"Nothing, you guys are very friendly and nice/helpful."


"As a suggestion, it would be great if you were open of Fridays." (PS-We are open Friday mornings :))

Anonymous Survey, January 2015



"I would suggest nothing, everything is great and awesome."


Anonymous Survey, February 2015


" I honestly see that this facility has considered every aspect and has fulfilled them 100% to everything."

Aron Brashears and Khalil Willis, February 2015



"My children's experience has been great. They have had bad experiences and love everything about this office. Thank you!"


"I would refer anyone here!"

Anonymous Survey, March 2015



Excellent service, very professional :)

Anonymous Survey, April 2015


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